Hi, I'm Liz!  I live in West Sussex by the seaside where I have lived forever with my son and two dogs - Ed & Ernest, in a 60s bungalow that I'm trying to make look like it belongs on the coast of Cape Cod.

I developed a love for photography when I bought my first digital camera and my pics took a mysterious turn towards capturing my trainers in an artistic fashion and lying on the floor to get alternate, previously undiscovered perspectives.  That's when we all realised I was a photographer.

I love doing up houses, Pinterest [11.2k pins currently], scruffy dogs, banter, lace, flowers, knitwear, cheesy music [I can't help it - I've tried] and clapboard houses.  

I love what I do and working with couples who laugh easily and just go with the flow.  People who love a bit of pretty but will also happily trot through a field in their high heels if something good is on the other side.  

I think it's really important to know each other a little before your big day.  Spend some time being photographed so I can see how you roll together.  For me this is the key to you feeling natural in front of the camera and that's how the good stuff happens.