Hi, I’m Elizabeth Ruby [it’s where the Ruby in RubyRoux comes from!]

I live along the Sussex Coast a few minutes from the sea, where I have lived forever. I have a son and two dogs. Jack is the son [a teenage one!]. Ed was meant to be a Jack Russell [according to the rescue centre] and looks more like a greyhound now that got shrunk in the wash. Ernest looks like a teddy bear, has the longest eyelashes in the world and bounces 3ft in the air whenever it’s teatime.

I love renovating houses and spend my spare trying to make my 60s bungalow look like it belongs on the coast of Cape Cod. I love foraging for interesting things and that’s me smugly leaning on cupboards I found on eBay. I am as smug now as I was when I found them.

I developed a love for photography when I bought my first digital camera in New York and started taking pictures of trainers in an artistic fashion and lying on the floor to get alternate, previously undiscovered perspectives. That’s when I thought I might quite like photography. I’d say my style is rustic and a bit romantic.

I am a massive fan of Pinterest [11.2k pins currently], love scruffy dogs, banter, lace, dahlias, knitwear, country music [I can't help it - I've tried] and clapboard houses. I’m also a sucker for long swishy grass and a sunset!

I love what I do and have been a wedding photographer now for over ten years. I enjoy working with couples who laugh easily and just go with the flow. Couples who love a bit of pretty but will also happily trot through a field in their high heels, dress hoiked up to get to the good bit on the other side.

I would love to hear about you and your plans so please do get in touch. My Instagram and Facebook are filled with my latest work [and pictures of my house! - sorry!] so feel free to follow me. I also have lots of reviews on my Facebook page from my lovely couples as well as testimonials on this website!

Hopefully speak soon!